Small office ideas

Small home office ideas, how to make the most of your home office

So its 2020 and many of us are forced to work from home. We may not all have a large house that has extra space for  a remote office? So what do you do? We have put together some great ideas for converting some unused space into a place you can work from. Just because space is short, that doesn’t mean you can’t create an inspiring home office. Create a space that works for you in your home with these fun ideas


Small office ideas

Create a Work Space

Turn an area of your living room, lounge, guest bedroom or hallway into a small office using simple home office storage systems, and an attractive office desk. You can get desks in every size and style, so it is not hard to find unobtrusive office furniture that will match your room and your existing furnishings. For a bit of style, repurpose an old bedroom dresser into a funky new office desk. When Square Meters come at a premium, it’s a challenge to be able to dedicate a whole room to a home office, so it’s worth thinking about how you can create multiple uses for your little space. Guest bedrooms are great place to do this as they are frequented less often. You could easily add a small desk and sleek chair that won’t be obtrusive should you have guests come to stay. Add shelves above the desk area, and invest in some matching storage files to keep your work materials organized.



What about all that wall space?

Find a wall that is not being used, because we all have wall space we actually use, and set up a shelving system to house your mini home office. Use modular shelving to create a work top as well as space for your equipment.




Find that underutilized space in your home

No one said that home offices had to be self contained spaces. Thinking outside of the four walls concept is a great small home office idea! If you have any wasted space (under stairs, large landings, hallways, kitchens or dining rooms), this could be the ideal place for your home office. You could even consider using paint, flooring or rugs to zone the different elements of the space so it feels more intentional than makeshift.

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  1. Kevin

    So many people now having to work remotely. Make the most of it and sort out a proper space

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